Thursday, October 13, 2011

Insurance Rate Increase

The majority of the Personal Insurance (Auto & Home) Companies are taking rate increases in Arizona. One of the factors for the rate increase was last year's hail storm on 10/5/2010. Fortunately for my clients I have insurance companies that are not surcharging for the hail storm on 10/5/2010. For example, I recently was able to help a client that was coming up for renewal with their current insurance company. Their renewal on both auto and home insurance was going up by more than 20%. When they call their insurance company they were told it was because of the claim they filed to fix their damaged roof from the hail storm. When they contact me I was able place them with another insurance company that didn’t charge them for the loss on 10/5/2010. In addition, I was also able to lower their deductibles, increase their liability limits, and saved them almost 50% on their insurance premiums.

*The video above is from Phoenix, but is one of my favorites. Skip to about 1:35 to really get an idea of what this storm was like.

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